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Our employees have always been our main asset, whether they are working for us now or worked in the past. Because we can proudly say that people never really leave us, neither our employees nor our clients. Nowhere is this more evident than on those rare occasions when we organize events for ourselves: they are always jam packed with people who thoroughly enjoy each other’s company, and the understanding comes: it is worth it, after all. People who were with us at various times now work at senior positions for major state owned companies, or else for Moscow’s leading agencies; these people are receiving prestigious international awards, making films or starting their own businesses. Our clients become our friends or even our employees, while our friends, in turn, become our clients. This cycle is never-ending and therefore wonderful, because our work is our life. 

Art of event

WONDER LOFT event marketing agency was founded in 2009 and has from the very start been offering its clients an innovative approach to organizing events, blurring the lines between art and business.

The 2017 WONDERLOFT has once again proven the effectiveness of its approach to work – among our clients are major global companies, financial institutions and state-owned corporations. We steadily promote their interests by shaping the target audience’s opinion, whether it consists of clients, the media or employees. Currently, our level of expertise and the wide range of services we provide make us the clear leader in our market sector. 

We believe that competent and intelligent management can make art part of everyday reality. That is why the underlying principle of our every project is the carefully measured balance of art and business. 

Our vision

We see culture (its artistic, creative part) as a combination of knowledge in art, music, cinema, literature, theatre, performance etc., which, artistically interpreted, we deliver to our clients.
We believe that the market is changing and that there are corporate and individual clients who make an informed choice to invest in events with a pronounced creative component.
We believe that even the smallest company is entitled to the Bolshoi-theatre-quality service. 

In 2015 we launched our own creation – the special Kultpohod* project.
*(“kultpohod” means a cultural outing)

Our mission

We capitalize on our cultural knowledge by developing commercial and non-commercial projects which broaden our and our clients’ cultural horizons.

We create our projects on demand of business organizations, whose aim is cultural education of the companies’ employees/clients and forming an overall cultural image of the company. 

We fulfil our clients’ requests by engaging the very best creative people and effort.

We challenge stereotypes and blur the lines between corporate, private and cultural events.

We are changing the market of corporate events. 


Innovation. We blur the lines between business and art.

Leadership. We are the leading company in the market niche of premium class event organization due to the fact that we have introduced art to various kinds of events.

High quality. We deliver high quality through our knowledge and access to the cultural community.

Progress and development. We strive for ongoing learning and growth, always remaining the trendsetter in the cultural community.

Reliability. We are a trustworthy partner and reliable employer you can rely upon. 

10 Bolshoy Nikolovorobinsky lane
Moscow, Russia 109028

tel/fax: +7 495 640 54 26 

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