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Excursion for us was a new discovery of the potential of the team. It is an amazing experience which has enriched each of us!

The project was brought to life our dream of a beautiful, culturally-enriching new year holiday. We get aesthetic pleasure thanks to unconventional reading of all of us uniting as Pushkin.

Irina Mehanikova,Russia Brand Director, Agent Provacateur

Great event, interesting format! The choice of the play and the earlier conversation about him are very pleased our guests. Thanks for the interesting ideas and excellent work on their implementation!

Now we offer two choices of excursion to choose from:


Kultpohod Classic


We offer preferential access to Moscow's best theater performances, concerts and exhibitions. Even if the tickets have long been sold out, for you, we will manage to find the best seats. We will arrange for you to access the most exclusive cultural events and organize a dinner or cocktail party right at the venue. Your guests will be granted a separate entrance and the very best of services.

But even more importan
t is the fact that every such “kultpohod” (a cultural outing) includes educational yet entertaining content – your guests will enjoy themselves and gain a deep understanding of art at the same time. Directors, actors, theatre experts, gallery owners and museum curators will tell your guests about the event.

Cooperation with Kultpohod will also help you save money. We don't offer to create expensive events “from scratch”, instead, we organize your presence at the best and most popular cultural events in Russia and in the world.

We always have surprises up our sleeves – like Robert Wilson's set of sketches to “Pushkin’s Fairy Tales” play, which he made just for us! Upon your request we can organize a backstage tour, meet & greet after the show and a lot more. 


Kultpohod Practicum

Orchestra Corporation

What does your company and an orchestra have in common? Why does an orchestra need the conductor? How to make any team sound in unison? We answer these and many other questions during our interactive performance called “The Orchestra Corporation”.

Kultpohod arranges for a real orchestra to arrive right at the place where the event is being held, whether it is your office or a rented venue. The performance not only involves the guests watching the orchestra play from the musicians' point of view, but they also become a true part of it – play the musical instruments, have a chance to try themselves as conductors, and, ultimately, experience the magic of art.
Through meaningful parallels between your company and a group of musicians we allow your guests to rediscover the worn-out notions of leadership, teambuilding and internal communication. 

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