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Final of the Federal Accelerator of Technological Startups GenerationS 2016


GenerationS is the largest start-accelerator in Russia and Eastern Europe, which was established by the Russian Venture Company in 2013. More than 4000 technological projects submitted their applications for participation in GenerationS in 2006.

The Final of the Federal Accelerator of Technological Startups GenerationS 2016 was held on April 25 at Stadium Live. The WONDERLOFT team completely changed the usual way of hosting a business event, making it dynamic and really effective for all categories of guests: startups, partner corporations of the event and investors.

In the first part of the event, 32 startups-graduates of the accelerator simultaneously passed the pitches.

Using individual audio headsets the participants could listen to the pitches of startups – they only had to connect to the channel number that was indicated under each of the 32 plasma screens. The creators of the projects were present at the event making it possible for the guests to meet them personally after listening to the pitches. 

The pitch-session of the finalists and the awards ceremony directed by Anastasia Golub took place in the second part of the event. 

Thanks to a creative approach and a deep examination in the field of entertainment events, the WONDERLOFT team once again managed to develop a unique and non-standard format for the business event.

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