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“Snob. Made in Russia” awards ceremony


“Snob. Made in Russia” awards ceremony

On the 28th of September 2015 the Theatre Art Stuido hosted the IV “Snob. Made in Russia” awards ceremony. The award is given annually for the most significant achievements of Russian people, who, according to the judge panel, members of the project and readers of the Snob magazine, have contributed significantly to Russian and international cultural, scientific and economic development.
The main idea of the 2015 ceremony was answering the question “Who is happy in Russia?” The hosts of the ceremony lead by its director Kirill Serebrennikov asked the award winners and those who were supposed to hand over the award to come on stage to find out who is that happy person whom the seven peasants of Nekrasov’s poem looked for in vain.

It was Kirill Serebrennikov’s idea to transform the stage into a kitchen with a 3-liter jar of pickled cucumbers and a bottle of vodka on the table, which encouraged the participants to share their views on the matter. And though neither presenters, nor award winners, nor VIP spectators managed to find the happiest person in Russia, they did find the winners of the IV Snob award.

The talk in the kitchen was regularly interrupted by short musical acts: Vasily Vakulenko (Basta) sang a lyrical song to a guitar accompaniment, while the ceremony ended in Semyon Slepakov’s song “Neft” (“Petrol”).

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